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The Organizer Pocket makes your ride/run soo much smoother. The accessory provide quick and easy access to gear such as your phone, tracker, multi-tool, gel or food. The pocket fits directly to the harness and is compatible with backpacks equipped with our No Dancing Monkey™ 1.0, No Dancing Monkey™ 1.1 and No Dancing Monkey™ 1.2 harnesses. This attachment is compatible with the following products:

  • Raw
  • MTB Hydro
  • Airborne
  • Ranger
  • Patriot
  • Vertical
  • Outlander

The B&P Pocket makes your ride/run soooo much smoother if you need quick access to your phone, tracker, multi-tool, gels and food. The pocket fits direct at the front of the harness of all USWE packs with the NDM 1 harness. The pocket is featured with a weather-resistant main/organizer pocket and an external quick-stash pocket.