Shark Helmets VZ6010PBLUTU - Blue Anti-Scratch Face Shield

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Shark Helmets
Anti-Scratch Face Shield for S600/650/700/800/900 Helmet (VZ6010PBLUTU) by Shark Helmets®. Genuine SHARK Helmets Replacement and Upgrade Motorcycle Helmets visors compatible with SHARK Helmets. Choice of road and race helmet visors for enhance performance.

Color: Blue
Designed to elevate your comfort while motorcycling
Made to give you a secure performance fit for optimal riding position and comfort
Proven to deliver unparalleled performance under harsh, unforgiving conditions
Boosted by 30 years of experience, Shark Helmets® has become one of the world’s leading motorcycle helmet manufacturers. SHARK Helmets brand was originally founded by two brothers from the South of France, and former professional racers who were determined to create one of the world’s safest helmet brand. Little they knew in 1988, that they would achieve their goal by making helmets that would provide the highest level of performance and exceed safety standards. Their ethos which continue to be Shark Helmets ethos, is to push the technical boundaries by reinventing the motorcycle helmet industry. Since then, innovative designs and safety has always been at the core of each SHARK helmet.