JUST 1 IRIS MX Motorcross

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Product Description

In many sports, it is common to have familiar faces and brands throughout the years and at the professional level of world motocross racing, the same can be said, from former riders now team managers to well-established corporations. One of the newest brands in the paddock and on the track is JUST1 Racing, breaking traditions with innovative and high-quality products.

Just1 is a helmet manufacturer based in Pistoia, Italy, but with a worldwide presence after only a few years on the market. The relatively new brand was launched in 2011 by Tony Amoriello and since has been molding the future of helmet design. Amoriello started the company with the goal of not just making helmets but making a better version of any of the helmets on the market.

The brand was born to be an Italian made and designed product but was limited by manufacturing resources which lead to a joint partnership with H&H Sports Protection Group. The union allowed JUST1 to face a big market demand, create more new helmets with the highest levels of manufacturing technology allowing nearly and design to make it into reality.