AGV K5 S Fast 46 Helmet

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  • Carbon-Fiberglass shell designed with a collabone safe profile
  • 4-density EPS
  • Adjustable vents and extractors (5 front vents and 2 rear extractors)
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Fresh and fluid Ritmo fabric cheek pads
  • Shalimar fabric crown pad for a soft ane gentle touch
  • Shalimar fabric neck roll with water resistant treatment
  • Sanitized®: antibacterial protection
  • 2Dry: instant sweat absorption
  • Microsense: premium skin comfort
  • All interior parts easily removable and washable
  • Removable nose guard and wind protector
  • Ready for AGV ARK communication system
  • Anti-scratch visor with 190° horizontal field of view
  • 100% Max Vision Pinlock included
  • Multistep visor mechanism
  • Patented Extra Quick Release System
  • Micro-opening system
  • Integrated anti-scratch sun visor, removable without using tools
  • Double D retention system